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Hask Beauty

One of the downsides of having an agency is I post less on my blog. I’m making an effort to have a routine since there are so many images to share. Like this one for the Hask Beauty campaign I styled shot by Matthew Zucker. I love pairing botanicals with products!

It’s September..time to catch up..

Wow. I haven’t posted since June. The summer has been magical and always too short. Trying to enjoy the last bits of the season, and also looking forward to Fall because what’s better than autumn in NY? Not only have I enjoyed the great weather, I’ve been busy which always means no time to post. These are a few of the stories I like that I’ve worked on.

Cosmo’s Sept. Accessories pages with Jeff Westbrook.

Another fun one with http://www.clairebenoist.comww for FN Magazine which just came out. We built sets inspired by artists painters studios, especially Pablo Picasso’s studio in Paris. It had gorgeous extravagant wall trimmings filled with all of his day-to-day materials.

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