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2022 New Work

The new year started with a rush. It seems the city and our country is buzzing with activity both in person and online. This work hybrid is the new norm and the creative industry has adapted to this work model with quick speed. We now have shoots with teams on-set and clients online as seamlessly as when clients were required to be in person. This change is definitely a positive that came out of the pandemic and most will agree that it will continue to morph. I’m excited to expand my creative endeavors wherever they take me, be it in a studio with a crew or online brainstorming new campaigns. Here’s new work for Esika, Algenist, Skinceuticals, Beauty Counter, Kiehl’s and  Helzberg Diamonds.


2021: It’s upward from here.

My end of year blog post got delayed because the magnitude of 2020 has been overwhelming on so many fronts. We’ve experienced Covid personally and collectively in all realms of life all across planet Earth. When I allow that thought to sink in I feel so much more connected to our humanity and our stake in the survival of our planet. I feel more connected to doing small positive acts that bring about big change. I am also saddened by all the lives lost to the virus, as well as the patients experiencing lasting side effects. As we continue taking steps towards sharing space together it is with an acknowledgement that every aspect of our lives has been altered, hopefully for the better. While NYC continues to recover I tip my hat to all the essential, city and state workers who have taken care of us in hospitals, zoom schooling, zoom therapy, zoom church and work-outs, delivering meals, the list goes on. And without technology and the power of information and communication it would’ve been a lonelier time for sure. Here is 1 image that says it all. Yes, I worked. I wore a mask for 10 hours a day and made images that I like, with creatives and clients I enjoy but 2020 is not about my styling.

Follow me..

2019 was a busy year and I’m so looking forward to what this new decade will bring. I wish every one of you personal and career success. Please follow me on social media to see the latest on my work life and a few snippets of my amazing daughter that I can’t help but post from time to time. 

In the meantime here are a few images of my fav shoots I styled this past year with incredible clients & photographers. Let’s keep making dynamic images! xo

Tocca & Olay with Rich Begany

Clinique & Helzberg Diamonds with Claire Benoist

Lab Series & Aqua Panna with Christine Blackburne

Adidas & Brooks sneakers with Adrian Mueller

Kadewe-Berlin with Jonathon Kambouris

Retro Foundation Pattern with Christine Blackburne

Eyeshadow spills with Claire Benoist

End of Summer, beginning of Fall

I am still loving summer. It’s not over dammit. Not until the end of September. I’m not one of those people because we have a long holiday weekend and my child starts school it means it’s we put on our coats. Savoring each sunny day is what’s up. Then sweater season begins and that just makes it for a great ending. I’ve been plugging along, creating, sourcing and shooting with fellow creatives most of the year. I want to share the latest with you. 

StriVectin with Matthew Hillman

Lord & Taylor with Nicholas Duers

Shape Beauty with Jonathon Kambouris

Textures with Jeff Westbrook & Christine Blackburne

Happy Belated 2018!

Yes, it’s been a while. Blame it on instagram. With the ever evolving social medias to promote one’s work sadly the personal blog post is the one that I neglect the most. We are living in a fast paced media culture where images are being produced at breakneck speed for our micro industries to consume, to inspire us and keep the engine greased. All the while we are promoting our work and adding value. It’s an open market made up of images, words and algorithms. The new normal. That said, here is some work from last year that I am proud to have worked on. Happy Spring, the sun finally shines bright in our city.

Conceptual shoot for Departures with Jamie Chung

Men’s Grooming for Lab Series with Christine Blackburne

Luxury Scent company Tocca & Tarte cosmetics with Rich Begany

Tom Ford Lipstick with Claire Benoist for Shape

Buxom with Kevin Cremens

Beauty Products & Scents with Jeff Westbrook