Prop Stylist / Art + Content Direction

Happy Belated 2018!

Yes, it’s been a while. Blame it on instagram. With the ever evolving social medias to promote one’s work sadly the personal blog post is the one that I neglect the most. We are living in a fast paced media culture where images are being produced at breakneck speed for our micro industries to consume, to inspire us and keep the engine greased. All the while we are promoting our work and adding value. It’s an open market made up of images, words and algorithms. The new normal. That said, here is some work from last year that I am proud to have worked on. Happy Spring, the sun finally shines bright in our city.

Conceptual shoot for Departures with Jamie Chung

Men’s Grooming for Lab Series with Christine Blackburne

Luxury Scent company Tocca & Tarte cosmetics with Rich Begany

Tom Ford Lipstick with Claire Benoist for Shape

Buxom with Kevin Cremens

Beauty Products & Scents with Jeff Westbrook