Prop Stylist / Art + Content Direction

Less is More

Burcu Avsar and I had a blast figuring out how to showcase strong colors and compositions without cluttering the shots with excessive props, which I am guilty of! What we came away with is an understanding of the artistry behind the minimalist concept of less is more. 

The Quinoa (Keen Wah) Cookbook

I’m thrilled the cookbook I worked on this past winter is finally out! I’ve tasted all the recipes and it’s quinoa like I’ve never had. Maria Del Mar Sacasa is an incredibly lively, creative and inspiring chef and food stylist. Photographer Zach DeSart, Maria, and I wanted to make the images look less like boring quinoa and bring out more of the boldness of the flavors on the page. Take a look at some of the recipe images and buy the book!

Mrs. Meyers

This small DIY concept I shot for Mrs. Meyers was so much fun. First I found wooden crates from junkyards and Etsy, then I treated and painted them white so the product inside could really stand out. I also made the twig vases by hot glueing them onto clear glass vases and wrapping twine around them. The rest of the styling is by yours truly.