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Happy Fall

I love the Fall. Any New Yorker you will ever meet loves the Fall. But a big shout-out to the amazing summer we experienced. I will miss and think fondly of summer 2014 when the next heatwave hits our city. That said, I decided to change the name of my blog because I don’t post daily as the name suggests. But I do Instagram daily, so I kept The Daily Feast for Instagram, and The Prop Hunter seems more suited to this blog.
I recently did this opener for InStyle and realized how much I missed still life propping and hope to do more.

Scents and Makeup with Dyad

Dyad is the brainchild of photographers Colleen & Justin Picciotti. We shot this fragrance story with shadows in mind. It was my first time making surfaces and I loved it. The makeup is more about minimalism and texture.